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Public Services

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Pathway Overview

Public Service are those services provided by government to its citizens, regardless of a person’s income. Those who work in this sector help operate schools, parks, hospitals, airports, water and power utilities, and more. They collect taxes and spend public funds on projects and programs designed to benefit citizens. Careers in the Public Services Pathway include public officials and police and fire personnel. Careers in this field generally offer good benefits and job security.

Quick Look

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Is a career in Public Services right for you?

Do you like helping people solve problems?

Do you enjoy volunteering?

Do you enjoy volunteering?

3 Main Points

1. A public service is one that is provided by the government to its citizens, either directly or through the financing of another entity to provide that service.

2. Public service professions offer many career opportunities, including the following career pathways: Public Safety, Emergency Response, and Legal Practices.

3. Careers in public service are unique because they center on challenging issues that define the public agenda and involve the provision of vital services to the public—from local to international levels.

Important Skills

 Interested in Being Involved in the Community

 Enjoy Job Security

 Excellent References

 Strong Interpersonal Skills

 Serving the Public’s Intrest


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