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The Transportation industry is responsible for ensuring that people and things get to the right place, at the right time, for the right price. Using new technologies like Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags people in this industry are called on to move people and products from point A to point B by air, land and sea. It takes people with all different talents, skills, and training to keep things moving.

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Is a career in Transportation right for you?

ATRE (Advanced Transportation and Renewable Energy) represents an array of clean energy technologies that:
Reduce climate change impact.
Reduce dependency on foreign energy.
Help grow a robust green economy.
Allow California to remain competitive in a global market.

Transportation technology is increasingly electronic, computer-based & high tech with a steady job demand & high pay.
Community college transportation programs provide the same quality training as private programs at 1/10th the price with successful placement of students.
Our state and national transportation, energy, and environmental policies will encourage the use of Advanced Transportation and renewable clean energy technologies that will continue to expand job creation in this sector.
Includes R&D, Manufacturing, Technical Services & Sales

Renewable Energy is the fastest growing segment of the energy market.
Like any growing industry, there is an array of occupations and job opportunities that range from technical to managerial to research and innovation.
As California moves toward “Zero Net Energy” buildings in 2020, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and Biomass skills will be increasingly in demand.
New legislation and policy responding to climate change will only increase the need for people educated and skilled in advanced transportation and renewable energy technologies

3 Main Points

1. Education, Education, Education: Continue your education and develop strong math, reading, study skills, and computer skills. A strong background in electronics is essential.

2. Take advantage of on-the-job training, co-op, or apprenticeship opportunities – Get all the training you can and start in a work environment that caters to service and excellence.

3. Keep abreast of new technology – Make a commitment to life -long learning. There is constant change in technology so take advantage of additional training whenever it is available.

Important Skills

 Organizational Skills

 Strong Work Ethic

 Problem Solving

 Communication Skills

 Ability to read and follow Direction Skills

 Technical Ability



Solar Technician

Information about a career as a solar technician. Includes interviews with current employees of Renova Solar.

Solar Technology Worker

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ATRE Education

California has always been a world leader in clean energy technologies, but this site run by the Advanced Transportation and Renewable Energy Sector works to ensure that California has a highly skilled, clean energy workforce.

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Four Energy

FourEnergy represents the partnering work of California Community College Workforce and Economic Development Initiative programs and associated community colleges, universities and high schools. This site is dedicated to the furthering of an ongoing interaction between educators – providing to them an array of curricula, contacts, links and resource materials.

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