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GPS : Guided Pathways to Success

You've Got a Pathway.

Now let’s look at your career options and see how your education and skills will help you in the future.

Watch the video on this page for some helpful information, then get started:

1. Click on the "GPS PLAN" button and print the form (you’ll give this to your advisor later). Fill in what you can for now.
2. Select one of the College Pathways.
College Pathways
3. Use your GPS Plan as your guide to a Decision.
Maybe, I’m not so sure.
Let me start over.
Complete your GPS plan
and share it with your advisor
Still unsure about your pathway’s careers?
No worries. These links should shed some light on your options:
Pathways Video
This video highlights growing career opportunities available to you.
California's Industry Sectors
Think about choosing a major that will lead to high paying careers.
Job Families
A helpful list of job families related to the Career Pathways.
It’s great you have a direction.
But, check out the other pathways available anyway.
You could find something you enjoy even more!
And Don’t Forget...
to “test it out” to make sure of the fit before you
invest more time or money in your education.
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