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Guided Pathways


What is a “Guided Pathway” and WHY do I need one?

If you are planning to enroll in college soon, one of the first questions that you will be asked is “What do you want to major in?” If you’re like most students you may not be ready to choose an exact major!

Guided Pathways are broad areas of study that encompass a lot of different majors. Even though you may not be sure of your major right now selecting a pathway puts you on the right path to the field you’d like to be in without narrowing it down to the exact profession.

As a result you won’t end up wasting time (or money) taking classes that won’t count toward the degree you want.

Follow our “GPS or Guided Pathway to Success” and we will

  • help you to simplify decision-making
  • provide opportunities for exploration and informed choices
  • help you start to understand academic and career options
  • lead you to choose a program of study and develop a plan

Learn more about Pathways:

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