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Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design

Could this be a Career for You?
  • Are you creative and artistic?
  • Do you enjoy drawing, painting or sculpting?
  • Are you in your zone when writing or performing?
  • Do you closely follow fashion/decorating trends?
  • Do you love decorating your own space?
  • Do you excel in project-based assignments?
  • Are you independent and inventive?

What You Need to Succeed

  • Artistic Imagination
  • Communication Skills
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Expressiveness
  • Ability to Multitask
  • Adaptability

Pathway Overview

Few careers offer the opportunities for creativity and independence as this pathway, whether you are creating content or designing a new product. The multibillion-dollar industries (entertainment, gaming, fashion) associated with this sector cover a wide variety of jobs in California and beyond. However, with technology a significant and growing component of these industries, many positions require a unique blend of creativity and technical skills. Also, since much of the work in these pathways is inclined to be project-based, you should be equally comfortable working independently or collaboratively.


Interior Design
  • Interior design is a fascinating field where you can combine your creative skills with business acumen to design functional spaces and interact with a variety of clients.
  • On a basic level, interior designers design and create living and working spaces. Designers often specialize in a particular area, such as green spaces, home design or corporate workspaces.
  • With the industry projected to continue growing, the time is right to consider a career as an interior designer.
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Fashion Design, Manufacturing and Merchandising
  • Few careers offer the opportunities, creativity, and versatility of the fashion world. From small entrepreneur to large manufacturer, rewarding jobs in fashion exist in most communities.
  • The fashion design pathway can lead to careers from professional shopper to clothing designer.
  • Students in this pathway will gain in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, including history, textiles and textile production, apparel merchandising and garment construction.
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Performing Arts
  • This pathway includes occupations involved in the creation, development and production of film, television, theatrical and musical performances.
  • Acting is a popular career within this sector. Actors usually audition for roles (from an extra to a lead part) and, if selected, bring the character to life.
  • Their work might be done in a film or television studio, on location, or live in a theater.
Digital Media
  • Digital media professionals work in fields ranging from game, graphic or website design to video editing and special effects.
  • The industry is actively hiring visual artists, information architects and digital media technicians.
  • Digital media students need to be creative and adaptable, as they’ll eventually work with several technologies not yet developed.
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Top Jobs and Salaries

Salaries: What is Your Career Worth?

To help you make important decisions about investing resources in your college education, see how these careers compare:

JobsSalary Ranges
Interior Designer$29,660 to $102,590
Fashion Designer$30,930 to $135,160
Merchandise Displayer and Window Trimmer$21,850 to $49,440
Film and Video Editor$36,110 to $208,000
Actor$8.97 to $89.08 an hour

Find a College

College Programs: Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design

To find programs in this pathway please select your college of interest below.

Try It Out

Start Today: Get involved and learn more about a new career.

Here are many organizations and activities to explore to learn more:

  • Band
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • Photography
  • Speech or Debate
  • Theatre or Drama Club
  • School Newspaper, Yearbook or Literary Journal
  • Join a local community theatre group or stage crew
  • Intern with a graphic designer
  • Use multimedia elements for a school project
  • Job shadow at an art, photo, or design studio or gallery
  • Work or intern at a campus radio station, local access cable TV station, online outlet or local newspaper
  • Draw detailed or technical illustrations
  • Incorporate green features into your design concepts
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