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Helpful Strategies for College and Beyond...

Tip Number one

What's your favorite way to
learn and why is this important?

You'll learn easier and faster if your study habits fit your personal learning style. Find and use your style to succeed in class.

Take the Learning Style Quiz to identify your style and try the How Are You Smart? Assessment to define your learning strengths.

Tip Number two

The more math you take, the
more money you'll make.

Mathematics is the gatekeeper that can open or shut the doors to great career opportunities. Take advantage of campus resources to help you build your math skills.

Visit the Khan Academy and your campus tutoring center to get the help you need. Try these tips if you are feeling a bit “math” anxious.

Tip Number three

Don't wait 'til the last minute
to complete assignments.

Students who make a schedule and stick with it get better grades than those who just work on whatever is coming up.

Evaluate your Study Habits.  Use the Study Calculator to find time to study and the Assignment Calculator to manage your written assignments.

Tip Number four

It's a fact. Reading makes
you smarter.

Reading gives your brain a cognitive workout that it doesn’t otherwise get. Reading also helps you develop your thinking and writing skills.

Put the SQ3R reading strategy to work for you. Try Spreeder to help you increase your reading speed and comprehension.

Tip Number five

Stick to one thing at a time
and you'll get more done.

When you text during a class lecture, talk on the phone while writing a paper, or carry on a conversation when checking email, you make 50% more errors.

An app like Focus Booster or a simple tool like Now Do This will help you stay on track.

Tip Number six

Be alert. Make sure you
know before you owe.

There are many resources to help you pay for college. It's important to investigate all your options before deciding on a financial aid package.

Use the Student Loan Calculator to figure expenses. At FAFSA , apply for financial aid. Visit your campus Financial Aid Office to get your questions answered.

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